What is Wrotenstock.com? 

Wrotenstock.com is a proud retailer of products for all areas of life. We act as clearance agent and have partnerships with big and small retailers, dropshippers, and wholesellers. This allows us to provide excellent products, services with a great shopping experience.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since December 2015.

Where do you operate from?

We operate as a home based business with support from various partners and corporations.

Do you accept returns/exchanges over and above what customers are entitled to by law (i.e. a replacement/repair for a minor fault or refund for a major fault)?

You can learn more about our return policy here http://wrotenstock.com/pages/refund-policy.

Do you allow for refunds for a change of mind? If so, how long do customers have to contact you?

No, but you can learn more about our return policy here http://wrotenstock.com/pages/refund-policy.

Where do you post to? How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?

We are currently shipping domesticly. All orders are sent to fulfillment partners within 2 days of notice. 

Where are your packages shipped from?

All orders are sent from fulfillment partners. 

Do you post packages internationally?

No, but will in the future.

What payment methods do you accept?

We various forms of payments. You can check what we accept at the footer of our page.

If you accept bank transfer, how long do customers have to make the payment before their order is cancelled and items returned to stock?

At the time we don't accept bank transfers.

Do you offer laybys? If so, can you provide a link to your terms and conditions?


Do you offer loyalty points, gift certificates etc?

We are working on providing those services soon.

How are products fulfilled?

All orders are fulfillment with partners and fulfillment services. We are currently working on incorporating FBA to provide even better shipping time.

What are the terms that Wrotenstock.com abides by?

Our terms can be found here http://wrotenstock.com/pages/terms-of-service.

How can I contact you with any concerns?

Our contact info can be found here http://wrotenstock.com/pages/contact-us. We personally handle all customers queries, but please be warned! This is for business concerns only. There is a also a customer service line 1-318-215-5153.

You have a nice store here. How can I get become apart of it?

Affiliate and referral programs will roll out soon. We are always looking for strategic partnerships. You can find more information about that here http://wrotenstock.com/pages/partner-with-us

Thank You for Your Time!